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4 Potential Checks & Quick wins for additional sales.



Butter for the fish: 

•    Are you not completely satisfied with your business and don't know why?
•    Or do you need a neutral outside perspective? 

Then you've come to the right place with my potential check offers!
I put on the customer and expert glasses for you and  carry out a check

of your marketing channels. So you know where you stand! 

You will receive a summary with a rating and 10 top recommendations. Discover these valuable tips to optimize your business. And how you can use it to delight your customers even more.

Inspire. Arouse emotions.

Every potential check* is a well-invested budget for flourishing business development.

Cash-Back Guarantee

For a follow-up project of 2 project/workshop days or more, you will receive 50% back!

Über mich: Liste

Arouse emotions.

Your web shop – simply strong in sales.

Think global,
act local.

Print works –
and how!

Potential Check

Newsletter Marketing

  • Subscriber acquisition

  • Layout

  • Customer oyalty

Price: €999 plus VAT.*

Potential Check


  • Structure and layout

  • Sales potential

  • Content


Price: €999 plus VAT.*

Potential Check


  • National specifics

  • Fulfillment

  • Market potential

Price: €999 plus VAT.*

Potential Check

Print Marketing

  • Advertising material analysis

  • Sales promotion

  • Cost optimization


Price: €999 plus VAT.*

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